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CodeStandard NameProducts
GB/T3143Color determination method of liquid chemicals(Hazen unit;Platinum-cobalt scale)
GB/T3144Toluene-Determination of hydrocarbon impurities-Gas chromatographic method
GB/T3145Benzene-Determination of crystallizing point
GB/T3146Benzene hydrocarbon products-Determination of distillation range
GB/T3209Method for determination the amount of distillation residual of benzene-type product
GB/T3498Lubricating greases-Determination of dropping point(wide temperature range)
GB/T3535Petroleum products-Determination of pour point
GB/T3536Petroleum products-Determination of flash and fire points-Cleveland open cup method
GB/T3554Standard test method for oil content of petroleum waxes
GB/T3555Petroleum products—Determination of Saybolt color—Saybolt chromometer method
GB/T4016Petroleum products technical terminology
GB/T4507Standard test method for softening point of bitumen (ring-and-ball apparatus)
GB/T4508Standard test method for ductility of bitumen
GB/T4509Bitumen-Determination of penetra
GB/T4510Test method for determination of breaking point of bitumen (Fraass method)
GB/T4756Petroleum liquids--Manual sampling
GB/T4929Lubricating grease-Determination of dropping point
GB/T4945Standard test method for acid and base number of petroleum products and lubricants by-Colour-indicator titration
GB/T4985Determination of needle penetration of petroleum waxes
GB/T5018Standard test method for determining corrosion preventive properties of lubricating greases
GB/T5096Petroleum products--Corrosiveness to copper--Copper strip test
GB/T5304Asphalt thin-film oven test method
GB/T5487Test method for knock characteristics of motor fuels by the Research method
GB/T5654Insulating liquids - Measurement of relative permittivity dielectric dissipation factor(tanδ)and d.c. resistivity
GB/T5816Catalysts and adsorbents-Determination of surface area
GB/T6531Crude petroleum and fuel oils- Determination of sediment- Extraction method
GB/T6532Crude petroleum and products-Determination of salt content
GB/T6533Crude petroleum--Determination of water and sediment--Centrifuge method
GB/T6534Gasoline-Determination of vapor-liquid ratio
GB/T6535Gasoline-Determination of lead content-Volumetric chromate method
GB/T6536Petroleum products-Determination of distillation
GB/T6538Engine oils-Determination of apparent viscosity-Using the cold-cranking simulator
GB/T6539Standard test methods for electrical conductivity of aviation and distillate fuels
GB/T6540Petroleum products-Determination of colour
GB/T6541Petroleum products-Mineral oils-Determination of interfacial tension of oil against water-Ring method
GB/T6602Liquefied petroleum gases-Determination of vapour pressure-LPG Method
GB/T6683Petroleum products-Determination of precision data in relation to methods of test
GB/T6986Petroleum oils-Determination of cloud point
GB/T7304Petroleum products and lubricants-Determination of neutralization number-Potentiometric titration method
GB/T7305Standard test method for water separability of petroleum oils and synthetic fluids
GB/T7325Petroleum products-Lubricating greases and oils-Determination of evaporation loss
GB/T7326Lubricating grease-Corrosiveness to copper-Copper strip test
GB/T7363Paraffin wax-Determination of polynuclear aromatics
GB/T7364Paraffin wax-Determination of carbonizable substances
GB/T8017Petroleum products-Determination of vapour pressure-Reid Method
GB/T8018Gasoline - Determination of oxidation stability - Induction period method
GB/T8019Standard test method for gum content in fuels - By jet evaporation
GB/T8020Gasoline - Determination of lead content - Atomic absorption spectrometry
GB/T8021Petroleum products-Determination of saponification number
GB/T8022Lubricating oils - Determination of demulsibility characteristics