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CodeStandard NameProducts
GB/T255Petroleum products-Determination of distillation characteristics
GB/T256Determination of induction period of automobile gasoline
GB/T257Determination of saturated vapor pressure of engine fuels(Reid method)
GB/T258Determination of acidity of gasoline,kerosene and diesel fuels
GB/T260Determination of water content in petroleum products
GB/T261Determination of flash point - Pensky-Martens closed cup method
GB/T262Petroleum products-Determination of aniline point
GB/T264Petroleum products-Determination of acid number
GB/T265Petroleum products-Determination of kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic viscosity
GB/T266Petroleum products-Determination of engier viscosity
GB/T267Petroleum products-Determination of flash and fire points-Open cup
GB/T268Petroleum products-Determination of carbon residue conradson method
GB/T269Lubricating grease and petrolatum—Determination of cone penetration
GB/T377Determinations of tetra-ethyl lead content in gasoline(chromate method)
GB/T378Engine fuels-Copper corrosion test
GB/T380Determination of sulfur content in petroleum products(lamp method)
GB/T382Kerosene--Determination of smoke point
GB/T384Determination of calorific value of petroleum products
GB/T386Diesel fuels-Determination of ignition quality by the cetane method
GB/T387Dark petroleum products-Determination of sulphur content-Tubular oven method
GB/T388Determination of sulfur content in petroleum products(oxygen bomb method)
GB/T391Determination of corrosion of engine lubricating oils
GB/T392Determination of colloid-stability of lubricating greases
GB/T503Test method for knock characteristics of motor and aviation fuels by the motor method
GB/T505Engine fuels-Determination of mercaptan sulpur-Ammonia-cupric sulfide method
GB/T507Insulating oils--Determination of the dielectric strength
GB/T508Petroleum products-Determination of ash
GB/T509Engine fuels-Determination of existent gum
GB/T510Petroleum products-Determination of Solidification point
GB/T511Petroleum products and additives-Determination of mechanical impurities-Gravimetric method
GB/T512Lubricating grease-Determination of water
GB/T513Lubricating grease-Determination of mechanical impurities-Acid decomposition method
GB/T514Specification for liquid-in-glass thermometers for testing of petroleum products
GB/T1792Distillate fuels-Determination of mercaptan Sulphur-Potentiometric titration method
GB/T1793Standard test method for water reaction of aviation fuels
GB/T1794Jet fuels-Determination of icing inhibitor content
GB/T1816Test for neutrality of benzole products
GB/T1884Crude petroleum and liquid petroleum products--Laboratory determination of density-Hydrometer method
GB/T1995Petroleum products-Calculation of viscosity index
GB/T2012Aromatic hydrocarbons-Test methods of acid wash
GB/T2013Method for determination density of benzene products
GB/T2361Rust preventing oils and greases-Test method of wet heat
GB/T2429Aviation fuels-Calculation of net heat of combus
GB/T2430Standard test method for freezing point of aviation fuels
GB/T2432Gasoline-Determination of tetraethyl lead content;Complexometric titration method
GB/T2433Petroleum products-Lubricating oils and additives-Determination of sulphated ash
GB/T2538Crude oils-Test methods
GB/T2539Petroleum waxes-Determination of melting point-cooling curve method
GB/T2540Petroleum products-Determination of density by pycnometer
GB/T3142Lubricants-Determination of load carrying capacity(four balls method)