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CodeStandard NameProducts
GB/T8023Liquid petroleum products-Viscosity-temperature charts
GB/T8024Petroleum waxes and petrolatums-Determination of trace nitrogen-Microcoulometric method
GB/T8025Petroleum waxes and petrolatums-Determination of trace sulfer-Microcoulometric method
GB/T8026Petroleum waxes and petrolatums-Determination of drop melting point
GB/T8030Field test for lubricating oil
GB/T8120High-purity n-heptane and isooctane-Determination of purity-Capillary gas chromatography
GB/T8925Gasoline-Determination of lead-X-ray spectrom
GB/T8926Used lubricating oils-Determination of insolubles
GB/T8927Petroleum and liquid petroleum products—Temperature measurment—Manual methods
GB/T8928Standard test method for density of semi-solid and solid asphalt
GB/T8929Grude oil-Determination of water-Distillation method
GB/T9168Petroleum products-Determination of distillation at reduced pressure
GB/T9169Jet fuels--Determination of thermal oxidation stab-ility--JFTOT method
GB/T9170Lubricating oils and fuel oils - Determination of total nitrogen - Modified kjeldahl method
GB/T9171Engine oil-Determination of borderline pumping temperature
GB/T9932The test method for evaluating the performance of internal combustion engine oil (Caterpillar 1H2 method)
GB/T9933The test method for evaluating the performance of internal combustion engine oil (Caterpillar 1G2 method)
GB/T11079Standard test method for carbonizable substances in white mineral oil
GB/T11081Standard test method for ultraviolet adsorption of white oils
GB/T11126Gasoline solvents--Test method of tetraethyl lead
GB/T11127Gasoline-Determination of lead content-Iodine monochloride me
GB/T11128Aviation turbine fuels-Determination of luminometer numbers
GB/T11129Jet fuels-Determination of water separation characteristics
GB/T11130Kerosine-Determination of burning quality
GB/T11131Petroleum products-Determination of total sulfur content-Lamp meth
GB/T11132Standard test method for hydrocarbon types in liquid petroleum products by fluorescent indicator adsorption
GB/T11133Liquid petroleum products-Determination of water-Karl Fischer reagent method
GB/T11134Hydrocarbon solvents-Determination of Kauri-butanol value
GB/T11135Petroleum distillates and commercial aliphatic oletins-Determination of bromine number-Electrometric titration
GB/T11136Petroleum hydrocarbons-Determination of bromine index-Electrometric titration
GB/T11137Black petroleum products--Determination of kinematic viscosity (reverse-flow method) and calculation of dynamic viscosity
GB/T11138Industrial aromatic hydrocarbons-Test method of copper corrosion
GB/T11139Distillate fuels-Calculation of cetane index
GB/T11140Standard test method for sulfur in petroleum products by wavelength dispersive X - ray fluorescence spectrometry
GB/T11142Insulating oils--Determination of gassing under electrical stress and ionization
GB/T11143Standard test method for rust-preventing characteristics of inhibited mineral oil in the presence of water
GB/T11144Lubricating fluids-Measurement of extreme pressure properties-Timken method
GB/T11145Automotive fluid lubricants-Determination of low-temperature viscosity-Brookfield viscometer method
GB/T11146Crude petroleum - Determination of water - Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method
GB/T11147Asphalt sampling method
GB/T11148Test method for solubility of asphalt
GB/T11964Test method for loss on heating of asphalt
GB/T12574Jet fuels-Determinaiton of total acid num
GB/T12575Liquid fuel oils-Determinaiton of vanadium content-Flameless atomic absorption spectroscopic method
GB/T12576Liquefied petroleum gases-Calculation of vapour pressure and relative density
GB/T12577Refrigerator oils-Determination of floc point
GB/T12578Lubricating oil-Determinaiton of flow ability-U -tube method
GB/T12579Determination of foaming characteristics of lubricating oils
GB/T12580Inhibited mineral insulating oils-Determinaiton of oxidation stability
GB/T12581Standard test method for oxidation characteristics of inhibited mineral oils