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CodeStandard NameProducts
GB/T12582Liquid hydrocarbons-Determination of electrical conductivity-Precision meter
GB/T12583Lubricants-Determinaitoin of extreme pressure propertiles-Four ball method
GB/T12709Lubricating oils-Determination of aging characteristics-Conradson carbon residues method
GB/T13235.1Petroleum and liquid petroleum products-Volumetric calibration of vertical cylindrical metal tanks-Strapping method
GB/T13235.2Petroleum and liquid petroieum products-Volumetric calibration of vertical cylindrical metal tanks-Optical reference line method
GB/T13235.3Petroleum and liquid petroleum products-Volumetric calibration of vertical cylindrical metal tanks-Electro-optical distance-ranging internal method
GB/T13236Dip-tapes and steel strapping tapes for petroleum-Specification
GB/T13287Liquefied petroleum gases-Determination of volatility
GB/T13377Crude petroleum and liquid or solid petroleum products-Determination of density or relative density-Capillary stoppered pyknometer and graduated bicapillary pyknometer method
GB/T13894Petroleum and liquid petroleum products--Measurement of liquid level in tank--Manual method
GB/T15181Capacity calibration of spherical metal tanks-Strapping method
GB/T17039Standard practice for utilization of test data to determine conformance with specifications
GB/T17040Standard test method for sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectromet
GB/T17144Petroleum products--Determination of carbon residue--Micro method
GB/T17474Standard test method for benzene in hydrocarbon solvents by gas chromatography
GB/T17475Standard test method for distillation of heavy hydrocarbon mixtures(Vacuum potstill method)
GB/T17476Standard test method for determination of additive elements,wear metals,and contaminants in used lubricanting oils and determination of selected elements in base oils by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES)
GB/T17605Petroleum and liquid petroleum products--Volumetric calibration of horizontal cylindrical metal tanks ( Manual methods )
GB/T18273Petroleum and liquid petroleum products--Direct static measurements--Contents of vertical storage tands--Mass measurement by hydrostatic tank gauging