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Runingland participate in the 20th National Grease Technical Exchange Conference
Runningland was invited to attend the 20th National Grease Technical Exchange Conference.  At the meeting, professional experts from many institutions shared their findings and insights on grease lubrication, forming a synergy and collaborative effort in the production and application of greases in machinery.


At the conference, experts have introduced current and upcoming developments of grease technology, shared how to use new and proper tools for grease mixing, and how to use new additives to improve the grease's performance, etc. As a testing laboratory, Runningland strives to form a synergy between research and developing, testing and production. Correlating with the application of new tools and additives improvement, Runningland is calibrating its testing capabilities to these new changes.  


Runningland has a very comprehensive test item in grease test, in accordance to the development of the industry. For example, at the first quarter of this year, the pressure oil separation project newly built by Runingland, has timely supplemented to certifications according to the needs of the industry in order to bring more quality and guaranteed testing services to customers.