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Runningland successfully completed the Title Review in 2019

 At the end of November, Runningland laboratory successfully completed the evaluation of professional titles within Shanghai Lubricating Oil Association. This year, nine people from Runningland participated in the evaluation, two of them participated in the evaluation of medium-grade professional titles and the other participated in the evaluation of senior engineers. At present, they successfully completed the examination and interview. Congratulations to Runningland for further development in the high standard laboratory.


 A stable and good development of a laboratory can not be separated from the support of employees in order to provide a good development environment for employees. Runningland has done a lot of work in the development for its staff in terms of training and consultation. From the induction training of new employees to the training of each project, Runningland has an effective training system. In addition, Runningland has been providing new information resources for its staff. Since cooperating with the international oil monitoring alliance WearCheck International, while synchronizing with international resources, Runningland has provided more information on oil monitoring and international perspective to every employee thus provided a broader development platform.


In addition to the hope that every employee has a good development, Runningland also hopes to build a team with tacit understanding and cohesion. Therefore, regular team building activities are also an important part of Runningland 's staff training. In the group building activities, cultivate the staff's sense of cooperation, increase the staff's tacit cooperation and enhance the team's cohesion. 

Runningland hopes to provide you with the service of constant improvement with the team that strives for improvement.