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Congratulations to the successful completion of Runningland's 2020 year-end party

At the end of 2019, Runningland held its 2020 annual New Year Celebration. On December 26, employees from Runningland traveled to the historical village of Nanxun town and held their year-end conference and dinner.


Anna Li, General Manager of Runningland, summarized the operation of the laboratory in 2019 and commended the excellent performance of employees. At the meeting, David.G Zhou, chairman of the board of directors, shared video clips of international lubricating oil testing for the latest industry trends and developments.


In the activities of the annual party, the colleagues of Runningland developed and improved their communication with their own talents. On the second day of the annual party, we spent time in the tour of Nanxun ancient town, peeked through the story of Nanxun ancient town. We shared our own perspectives and insights during the tour, shared the experiences we found, and ended the 2020 annual meeting successfully.


On the way back from the end of the event, David.G Zhou, chairman of the board of directors, sent a new year message to all employees of Runningland: "To all colleagues of Runningland, the annual party 2020 has ended successfully, and everyone is on their way home. All kinds of excellent qualities and talents displayed during your meeting will be unforgettable for all of us. We have a great team and will strive for a better tomorrow. We are sure to reach and surpass our goals in 2020. Thank you again for your hard work and team-work spirit. Don't forget our original intentions, keep the mission in mind, serve customers, let our customers and each of our employees become winners and realize their dreams. DGZ ".

 Here is a photo of the Runningland team during the 2020 Annual New Years Meeting.