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Particle count saves you money

 In oil testing, particle count can clearly analyze the particle contamination in oils. 70% of the equipment loss is caused by wear, adhesion and corrosion, 90% of which is due to wear. Generally, hard particles can destroy the oil film between the surfaces of two moving solid friction pairs, so as to wear the moving parts of the machine. By monitoring the number of particles in the oil film, the amount of abrasive wear can be determined. Through pre-treatment to control wear particles, the wear rate of components can be reduced and the maintenance cost of equipment can be greatly reduced.

Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE At present, the automatic particle counting method has basically replaced the manual particle counting statistics, among which the optical particle counting method specified in ISO 11500 and GB / T 37163, can directly count and determine the size of particles. An automatic sampler is used to make the sample pass through the viewing cell at a constant speed, and the light beam transmits the detection unit at 90 degrees. If there are no particles, the light beam remains constant in intensity as it falls on the detector. When the particles pass through the light beam, light blockage occurs and this is detected by a photocell. The bigger the particle, the bigger the drop in light intensity and the bigger the response from the detector Optical particle counting can accurately count all kinds of particle sizes and ranges, but it will be affected by water drops and bubbles. At the same time, it has the disadvantage of result deviation for high viscosity and heavily contaminated samples.


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How to save production cost by detecting particle count? According to the standard ISO 4406, GB / T 14039, the code of solid particle pollutants is divided according to 4 / 6 / 14 μm level. If the hydraulic pump pumps the oil at a speed of 250L / h and the particle size of the oil is 6 / 14 μm in ISO4406, 4375kg of dirt will be pumped in one year, and the life expectancy of the pump is only two years. If the particle size grade of the pump oil is 4 / 6 μ m, only 25 kg of dirt will be pumped in one year, and the life expectancy of the pump will increase to 14 years, thus saving a lot of money.

To ensure the accuracy of particle count test results, the premise is that sampling will not bring deviation to ensure the cleanliness of sampling points and sampling bottles. Before sampling, do not separate the cover from the bottle and sample under the condition of stable operation of the sampling system to ensure representative samples.

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The following points can help you save costs:

1) Filter the new oil before use, because the new oil does not mean that it is completely clean

2) Control the head-space of lubricant chambers by using effective breathers

3) Fit transfer hoses with quick couplers to control contamination and reduce spills and wastage

4) The component should be re-sampled periodically and the change in the ISO code tracked. As the ISO code decreases, your oil cleanliness increases and so are your savings.