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Runningland Metrology and Testing completed internal audit in 2020
Runningland Metrology & Testing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. carried out internal audit work on May 8. According to the relevant documents requirements of CNAS, CMA, China Classification Society and company quality management system, for all oil testing projects and measurement calibration projects were audited.

As the key unit of safety and waste production in Yangpu District, Runningland focused on the inspection of safety and hazardous waste related work in this internal audit, strengthened the systematic training for hazardous waste management personnel again, and completed the assessment.

Through internal audit, the basic work shall be well controlled to ensure the effectiveness, suitability and sustainability of the quality system and the strict implementation of various quality documents and regulations. With the continuous development of Runningland, a strong quality system can ensure the company's stable development. Through internal audit, all employees have improved their understanding of the operation of the quality system, improved their work attitude, and raised their requirements for themselves. Runningland hopes to put the quality system into practice and ensure the accuracy and reliability of each test result.