Item name: TAN

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Products Scope
Gear Transmission System In-Service Oil -
Gear Oil Industrial Gear Oil, Gear oil, Transmission Lubricants (ATF), Worm Gear Oil
In-Service Power System Oil -
Metalworking Fluids Quenching Oil, Rolling Oil, Pressing Oil, Drawing Oil, Tapping Oil, Broaching Oil, Cutting Oil, Grinding Ooil Emulsion, Synthetic Cutting Fluids
Internal Combustion Engine Lubricating OIl (Engine Oil) Gasoline Engine Oil, Diesel oil, Mmarine Cylinder Oil, Marine Systems Oil, Motorcycle Oil, Outboard Motor Oil
Turbine Oil Turbine Oil, Gas Turbine Oil
Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) -
Lubricating Oil -
Lubricating Base Oil -
Brake Fluid Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid
In-Service Hydraulic System Oil -
Hydraulic Oil Synthetic Hydrocarbon and Mineral-oil-based Hydraulic Fluids, Aviation Hydraulic Oil, Ashless Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil, Clear Hydraulic Oil, Fire-resistant Hydraulic Ooil, Hydraulic Transmission Oil / Liquid
In-Service Oil -

» Applicable standard

Standard Testing methods
ASTM D664 Standard Test Method for Acid Number of Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Titration
ASTM D974 ndard Test Method for Acid and Base Number by Color Indicator Titration
GB/ 7304 -
GB/ 7304 -
GB/T 4945 -

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