Item name: Flash Point by Open Cup

» Applicable products

Products Scope
Gear Transmission System In-Service Oil -
Gear Oil Industrial Gear Oil, Gear oil, Transmission Lubricants (ATF), Worm Gear Oil
In-Service Power System Oil -
Anti-Rust Oil -
Internal Combustion Engine Lubricating OIl (Engine Oil) Gasoline Engine Oil, Diesel oil, Mmarine Cylinder Oil, Marine Systems Oil, Motorcycle Oil, Outboard Motor Oil
Other Types of In-Service Oil Bearing Oil, Rail Oil, Knitting Oil, High Temperature Chain Oil, Heat Setting Oil, Instrument Oil, Vacuum Pump Oil
Turbine Oil Turbine Oil, Gas Turbine Oil
Fuel Oil -
Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) -
Lubricating Oil -
Lubricating Base Oil -
Specialty Lubricants -
Compressor Oil Air Compressor Oil, Special Gas Compressor Oils, Compressor Super-coolant, Refrigerant Oil
In-Service Hydraulic System Oil -
Hydraulic Oil Synthetic Hydrocarbon and Mineral-oil-based Hydraulic Fluids, Aviation Hydraulic Oil, Ashless Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil, Clear Hydraulic Oil, Fire-resistant Hydraulic Ooil, Hydraulic Transmission Oil / Liquid
In-Service Oil -
Heavy Fuel Oil -

» Applicable standard

Standard Testing methods
ASTM D92 Standard Test Method for Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup Tester
GB/T 3536 -

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