Item name: Diameters of the Scars

» Applicable products

Products Scope
Gear Transmission System In-Service Oil -
Metalworking Fluids Quenching Oil, Rolling Oil, Pressing Oil, Drawing Oil, Tapping Oil, Broaching Oil, Cutting Oil, Grinding Ooil Emulsion, Synthetic Cutting Fluids
Lubricating Oil -
In-Service Hydraulic System Oil -
Hydraulic Oil Synthetic Hydrocarbon and Mineral-oil-based Hydraulic Fluids, Aviation Hydraulic Oil, Ashless Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil, Clear Hydraulic Oil, Fire-resistant Hydraulic Ooil, Hydraulic Transmission Oil / Liquid
In-Service Oil -

» Applicable standard

Standard Testing methods
ASTM D4172 Standard Test Method for Wear Preventive Characteristics of Lubricating Fluid (Four Ball Method)
SH/T 0189 -

» Technique data

Date Unit
A (147N±2N) mm
B (329N±4N) mm

» Description